Mission and Values         


"Our mission is to restore personal power and integrity through direct experiences that reawaken our full potential."


  • Light Tribe Earth believes personal power and integrity may be restored by addressing emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blockages.
  • We are here to create and hold space for the freedom of human beings, knowing that we can only change ourselves, and support each other in doing the same.
  • We honor each other’s gifts, in the highest integrity of cooperation and share tools from many traditions, ancient and newly found, or discovered.
  • We value all spiritual and religious beliefs as valid, and use the tools that work best for us as individuals.
  • We strive to be the best we can, in each moment, sharing an Earth experience, in different places on our paths. In any moment, there is a teacher and a student for us.
  • We are in service to the greatest good for all beings, always.
  • We participate respectfully, stepping into our full potential by discovering the gifts we have to share.