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NEW Kindle Book is available!

Great paintings begin with a great canvas...

This book gives you a detailed list of materials and tools, followed by clear photos and instructions to make your own high quality artist canvases! No more cheap warped wood, you can build sturdy canvases that will last for years to come...

Also includes a quick painting lesson as a super awesome BONUS!

Our first title has been published!

Available on Kindle or printed in 8"x10" full color paperback

An Amazon review:

Stunning beautiful pictures, this is a book to be read, pages meditated on, and returned to again and again. Children and Adult
By Jayona.erwin on August 3, 2015

Wow. It is so simple you could sit and read it to a child. The pictures are stunning. Yet my heart stirs, and dreams are remembered. It feels like Andrea Nicole King and the bees are speaking to me and Mychael Lee and the bees are showing me so much. This book can be devoured quickly, but will be awesome savored. Much to contemplate. Food for meditations. And so timely for my journey this month for my healing class in SRT Self Mastery. So timely that my eyes are misty.

I finished it today. I let my desk mate at work read it. She said that each page was so meaningful. It made her stop and think on a certain are of her life that she had wondered about. This book can open conversations.

Several people remarked how beautiful the pictures are. I agree.

This is a book to be read, pages meditated on, and returned to again and again. I can see children in loving arms reading this and talking about each page.